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PE offers a comprehensive range of commercial vehicle replacement parts from their own development department. With the highest of safety, quality and manufacturing standards, the owner-operated family-owned company founded in 1947 is one of the leading providers on the free parts market. The internationally registered trademark PE has been part of the company since 1979.

As a result, the almost 10,000 different PE products engender a high level of trust around the world, in both free and tied demanding workshops. With workshop-oriented product solutions, PE is an attractive option for all workshops wanting to repair every type of trailer and commercial vehicle.

The international and powerful network of PE trade partners ensures wide distribution and availability of PE replacement parts.

Board of Management

As an independent family-owned company with short decision-making processes, a strong team of leaders and employees willing to make changes, PE concentrates both on being independent and flexible and on the strategic implementation of long-term company aims.

The family

A company must constantly face the question of identity and strategy. Successfully mastering change and yet ensuring continuity is a challenge that the family not only supports, it actively promotes it.

This is the only way that consistently high levels of trust in the quality of our products and the long-term partnerships of our business relationships can be engendered.


We want to be the market leader worldwide when it comes to workshop-oriented replacement part solutions.

As a reliable family-owned company we enable people around the world to repair commercial vehicles perfectly and safely using our products. The wholesalers are sure of our services and the workshops are enthusiastic about our repair-oriented product range.
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