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Mazon BV was founded by Mr J.H. Maessen on August 24, 1966.


The company started operating a gas station/car wash/car shop and a garage with a capacity of 255 parking spaces in Heerlen.

The car shop evaluated a wholesale in spare parts. This was the core activity. The second location for the trade in spare parts was opened in 1970 in Sittard. The petrol station and garage activity’s were ended.


In 1979, in Sittard a factory building was purchased with the purpose to produce license plates and vehicle markings.
These products are generally subject to statutory requirements. Besides the products manufactured in our factory  Mazon BV started a commodity line of renowned brands such as König, Mobikar and Triopan.


Because the new core activity, production of license plates and vehicle markings, were in 1980 and respectively 1982 the car business in Sittard and Heerlen ended.

In 1990, silkscreenery Ger Dohmen from Kerkrade was adopted.
The new company was named Mazonscreen.


In 1993, Mazon BV together with its sister company Mazonscreen moved to a new factory building, with a total surface of 3200m ², in Heerlen. In 1995 followed the first extension. The building was an additional warehouse space of 250m ² expanded. The explosive growth made by sister company Mazonscreen forced in 1997 to a new silksreenery of 1800m ² to the existing building to add. The departure of Mazonscreen gave Mazon 850m ² available for its work to expand.


In 2003 the company was acquired by J.J. Maessen, son of founder J.H. Maessen.
In May 2008 was extended to Mazonscreen Mazon Gifts, the gifts marketed in the Netherlands.
In June 2009, the next enlargement round off, a new building of 1000 m². This hall is used as storage for semi-finished products and raw materials. Total area cultivated in the Netherlands 6250 m².

Mazon BV is a 100% subsidiary of Mazon International bv, which includes also Mazon Screen.

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