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Since 1947.... an illuminating story

With over 60 year of experience Eurolites is a leading worldwide supplier for the automotive lighting spare parts market. Located in Settimo Torinese, within walking distance of Torino, the heart of the Italian automotive industry, Eurolites manufactures an extensive range of lighting applications for passenger vehicles and trucks.
Eurolites - company


the most extensive range of matching quality lighting spare parts for the automitive market. Boasting more than 3.500 items, product portfolio covers.

 - all type of lighting applications: front side & rear lamps, number plate lights, headlamps, universal applications, trailer lights, work lamps, beacons and LED versions.
- all main make / model combinations
- all market segment: passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and trucks



from FIAT 500 headlamp to the latest generation LED lights: 60 years' field experience in development, enginnering and laboratory tests to achieve the hightest in product quality. State-of.the-art equipment and software tools.
- for development - optical simulation, CAD stations, rapid prototype fecilities
- for quality assurance - optical validation laboratory, waterproofing, corrosion, heat resistance & vibration testing
- ensuring product quality from design through to production.


- injection moulding - single & multi-colour
- vacuum metalising
- assembling systems with ultrasonic, hot-plate, vibration welding and polymer resin
all production processes performed in full compliance with European Union regulation standards (E-mark), quality requirements (ISO 9001) and best manufacturing practices.
- 6 milion parts delivered per year
- 600.000 order lines filled per year
- order fill rate and delivery response time in the line with most stringent spare parts market needs
- the latest radio frequency materials handling technology providing fast accurate order dispatch

- our customer
the most important company asset cared for daily by our sales network. Key players in 80 countries across the 5 continents worldwide.
our staff
constantly pursuing innovative ideas and applying effective solutions meeting and exceeding market expectations
our brands
lighting the spare parts market!
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