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Continental ContiTech. - Engineering Next Level

As a leading innovator and technological pioneer for rubber and plastic products, we help launch new cutting-edge technologies and are constantly taking the next step. We call this: Engineering Next Level.

Engineering Next Level means thinking about tomorrow, today. We help to get intelligent innovations and developments off the ground, creating added value for technology, our customers and the environment. This aspiration is expressed in our profiling values: PERFORMANCE, AFFINITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

ContiTech. Engineering Next Level

Groundbreaking standards

Our expertise in materials and processes allows us to set new benchmarks and get cutting-edge technologies ready for the market more quickly. We create the high-performance products of tomorrow: economic, smart, low-maintenance and reliable.

ContiTech’s truly unique curiosity and constant striving for improvement are also exceptional. It is these factors that are responsible for our distinctive culture of innovation.
In short, we call it: PERFORMANCE NEXT LEVEL.

Close ties

We work closely with our customers to develop solutions that enable applications with the very best products and systems: fast, individual and in line with market conditions.

These close ties consist not just in our open communication and on-site presence, but above all in our unique understanding of customers, their individual needs and markets.
Or, to put it another way: AFFINITY NEXT LEVEL.

Responsible business

Doing business responsibly in our markets is absolutely essential. With sustainable management and technologies, we create added value for people and planet.

We act responsibly as employer, in protecting the resources and in the development of secure solutions. We have our sights set on one clear goal – increasing quality of life.
That’s what we mean by: RESPONSIBILITY NEXT LEVEL.

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